Steve's Story



Mr. Steve Bacon is a life coach who specializes in behavior modification and believes that we all are born to win, but programmed to lose. He knows first-hand what it means to cultivate inner-strength through self-awareness in order to overcome life’s challenges.


Six months after he was born, Steve’s mother became addicted to drugs. Throughout his childhood he was forced to attend 14 different schools. This rough upbringing programmed him with abandonment issues, a poor self-image, and low self-esteem.  As a result, this bad programming led to failed marriages, poor financial judgment, mandatory anger management, and even homelessness— all before his 20th birthday!


Desperate to escape unhappiness and misfortune, Steve attempted to end his life. Fortunately, he failed. Since then, he has become a successful fitness instructor, owned several businesses in numerous industries, and has trained hundreds of sales professionals and entrepreneurs.



So, how do you explain over a decade of success after such adversity? In Steve’s case, a brief interruption occurred in his life at the age of 19 and he was introduced to the Power of Personal Development. Now, Steve is on a mission to share his life story in order to help others understand the power of personal development and unleash their greatness.